Yes, every year we have to pass that date, every year its difficult, here's the message from 2011:
It is again January, the 17th, and it should have been Zelda's 19th birthday, a day with a ray of ligth in the darkness of winter. There is no ray of light this year, and there will not be next year, or the next again, or.......
And we wonder, if she'd still be listening to the same music, reading the same books, or what, where, who......
And most of all, we wonder: WHY????
Maybe we'll never really know why it had to happen like this, but we'll never stop wondering....        
There'll be fresh flowers at the graveyard   today, som efrom ourselves, some from others , and our thanks goes to those, who still remember......

I'm looking for

 someone to change my life, 

I'm looking for 

a miracle in my life 

and if you could see

what it's done to me

to loose the love I knew

Could safely lead me through

the land that I once knew

the love as we grow old

the secrets of our soul......

Eli Jacobi Nielsen