Amanda was born on 6th November 1982 in Nakhon Phanom in norteastern Thailand. While her father was working abroad (Greeland/South Yemen) she grew up in Thailand, moving with her mother and halfsisters/halfbrother to Bangkok and back to Udorn Thani in the northeast.

In her younger years she visited Denmark several times, and also spend a period with her parents in South Yemen.
Being the child of a fahlang (foreigner) she was living a comfortable and privileged life, sometimes probably being a bit spoiled by her surroundings.
After the divorce of her parents in 1993, where her father was given custody, she went to Europe, to stay with her cousin Khaek and her Dutch husband Hans, who graciously volunteered to take her in their house, while her father was still working abroad. This arrangement, which might seem unusual in a European perspective, was based on the close relationship she already had with her cousin from their time in Thailand, and the idea of easing her integration into European life by having a close connection to her Asian past.

Moving to a country with a different language, alphabet and culture was not easy, especially since the preferential treatment given in Thailand was no longer available, but she struggled through, guided by the kindness, patience and understanding of Khaek, Hans and their family, for which we will always be grateful.

In 1996, she was united with her father and his new family, at that time living in Bangladesh. Again, a big move in culture and surroundings. She attended the Green Herald Secondary School, a Christian facility, where especially sister Barbara put a lot of effort into helping her along.
1998 brought her to Denmark, yet another change, attending Uglegårdsskolen in Solrød Strand, with mixed success. At 19 she moved away from home, first to Ølby near Køge, then on to Amager near Køge, trying her luck at various educations, and generally trying to find herself and her place in life. From the early days in Solrød she had contact with a large number of Thai's living in Denmark, and so it was no surprise that she often found employment working in Thai and Chinese restaurants, and that her first serious relationship also involved a Thai, Apibarn, who, together with his family was running a fashionable Thai restaurant in Copenhagen. The relationship eventually resulted in the birth of our grandchild Angela in 2005, a big and happy event for the whole family.
The birth of her first child brought a degree of steadiness into her life, which was unfortunately somewhat shattered by the death of her little sister Zelda in 2007.
However, becoming a mother made her reconsider her options carefully, choosing a sensible and realistic approach towards education and life in general, and she is now living in peace and tranquillity, with good relations to her family and surroundings, both in Asia and Europe
Older, wiser and prettier..
Eli Jacobi Nielsen