Zelda Jacobi Nielsen,  17/1-1992   -   9/9-2007

To have a child is always a gift, to have a child like Zelda was a  unique and special gift.

We always knew she was special, and loved her so much for being what she was, sweet, kind and considerate.
The Story - in brief
Zelda was born in Korogwe, Tanzania in 1992
and came to Denmark in 1994.
From 1996 - 1998 the family was in Bangladesh, where she started pre-school at
the Sir John Wilson School in Dhaka.
After a short spell in Tanzania, and a few months at the Filbert Baye School   
it was time to return to Denmark
Upon returning to Denmark she attended Uglegårdsskolen in Solrød Strand, from 1st to 4th grade, then continued at Karise school, after the family moved there in 2003.
In august 2007 she started the 9th grade, supposed to be her last year in ground school - on 9th September her life ended.
Wherever she went, she was well liked, always impressing with her smile and her considerate and kind attitude......
In 2006 we celebrated her Confirmation, a great day, allways fondly remember, as Zelda was really at her best
The time that followed brought her both to Jamaica and Tanzania on holidays, she had happy days with friends and family  
But though she was kind to life, life wasn't always kind or easy to her, she was a person who expected a lot from the world, and from herself, always looking for answers and reasons, and not always satisfied with the answers she found.
In the end, she didn't see any sense in life anymore, reasoning that her 15 years on earth was more than enough, and decided to leave us......
She left behind an empty room, and an empty space in our hearts....
And so, on 15th September 2007 we said our goodbyes, followed by so many of her friends and relatives.....
The loss will always be there, only a slight consolation to be found in the participation at the final farewell ceremony.......
And now, all we have are the memories, of a child just too good for this world....
Eli Jacobi Nielsen